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Old Mutual Movember

Old Mutual Movember Social media campaign (part one)

The agency that I work for (hero strategic marketing) was given the great opportunity to come up with a social media campaign to create awareness for Movember and help support people suffering with serious illnesses, particularly testicular and prostate cancers.

As a creative team, we decided to attempt to grow the worlds largest MO’ shaped tomato garden at the Old Mutual head office in Cape Town. Staff and public were invited to like the Old Mutual Facebook page as a show of support. Below is the main campaign graphic which I had the privilege of illustrating. This graphic was used on many elements including a moustache shaped sticker which people were encouraged to stick on their upper lips, photograph and upload to the Old Mutual Facebook page (have a look at my attempt further down this post)

Old Mutual Movember Moustache



Old Mutual Movember Mo' and printed materials under construction

Old Mutual Movember Mo’ and printed materials under construction

The objective

Leaflets were handed out to staff with the challenge of matching or improving on Old Mutual’s R5 donation (per tomato plant). Each plant donated would be placed in the garden and the pledge card (perforated section of the leaflet) was placed around the garden (wall of fame style). The reason for tomato plants was because they are meant to be the cancer-fighting super-food as it contains lycopene and other kick-ass antioxidants. When the tomatoes have grown much later in the year, they will be donated to communities in need.

Marketing materials

We produced a number of great marketing tools to assist in creating awareness about the Old Mutual Movember Garden that we were growing. They ranged from emailers, leaflets, fake moustache stickers, t-shirts, banners etc. Checkout the visuals below for some examples. The Hero AV team also created some very moving You Tube videos shown below (get your tissues ready if you watch them).

Movember Emailer

Printed dedication leaflet

Printed dedication leaflet


Proposed Movember T-Shirts



Proposed Stamps


Leaflet illustrations

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