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anatomy of dog

This is a visual representation of my professional attributes. Anatomy of dog is a graphic demonstration of all the components that make up the best creative individual. The image pasted into this post may display the key to each attribute a bit too small as it was designed as an A2 poster, so i will list them below because I think that what they say is as important as how they are said:

Anatomy of dog

Anatomy of a top dog illustration

anatomy of dog

Details of the dog’s inners

anatomy of dog

A key to each attribute.


  1. Heart: pumping relentlessly at optimal capacity
  2. Brain: mental agility and understanding
  3. Eye:crystal clear vision
  4. Snout: inquisitive and analytical
  5. Taste:primary measure of quality
  6. Limbs:extremely dexterous in any situation
  7. Gut: highly underestimated intuition centre
  8. Colon:conceptual filtration system
  9. Exit:waste disposal
  10. Backbone: strength of character

This design was created using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, good old pencil and paper and everything listed above.


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